Immerse yourself in the captivating world of our emerging artists, each with their unique style and artistic flair.

Carolynn Ashley  has two duel styles of art.  Realism and Whimsical both covering subjects like animals and elements of nature.
Her style is characterized by her love of flowers, vegetation, and architecture which are recurring themes in many of her paintings.  Susan's original watercolour paintings and high quality canvas prints are available.
ictoria Klassen is an abstract painter whose work is rooted in the natural environment. She takes her inspiration from tangled branches, the light coming through the trees, or a simple leaf.  Select canvas prints are available from her original collection.
Canadian artist Mark McDermott creates realistic oil painting with such detail you would think they are a photo.  I want to create a moment in a story that the viewer completes when they look at my work. We offer high quality canvas prints.
Victoria Mitchell explores Emotional and Environmental Sensitivities through Abstract and Representational Art.  Victoria's surreal art is available as giclee canvas prints.
Abstract painter Tiffany Reid creates luscious canvases filled with bright organic bubbles of colour as well as sensuous textured surfaces that recall both the rugged power and fragile beauty of the natural world simultaneously.
Through abstract art Colette Tan creates ethereal Impressions of mystical Landscapes. At WallArt4You we offer original paintings and high quality canvas prints.
Discover the world of Eddie Burke, Irish Canadian, where he merges iconic sites in Dublin and Vancouver.
Connie O'Connor Abstract Vancouver Artist
Learn more about Lake Country artist Ramona Hoeft and her vivid artwork.