Mark McDermott

Meticulous Realism: Evoking Emotion and Storytelling through Hyperrealistic Art

Painting to me has almost become as essential as breathing. It’s something that encompasses far more than the ability to put paint on a brush and apply it to a surface. It becomes part of daily life in how I look at everything I see and do; noticing the reflected light on a coffee cup or how a wilting leaf can evoke an emotion. I want to create a moment in a story that the viewer completes when they look at my work. It’s not just what it means to me but what it means to them.

Mark's enthusiasm for art goes back to his early childhood in England where he displayed a keen interest in drawing. Around 2003 Mark started to learn classical oil painting and developed his skill over the next several years. After a hiatus from painting Mark continued to study colour and technique and in 2017 picked up painting again with renewed vigour and much improved technique and style. He vows to never leave painting behind ever again.

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