Ramona Hoeft

Capturing Timeless Tranquility: Vibrant Oceans and Landscapes

After forays into various mediums and subjects in her artistic journey Ramona settled on acrylic paintings. She paints on sealed hardboard because of its durability and smooth surface. It is important to her to create art that will stand the test of time. Ramona's current focus is on the ocean, waves, water and landscapes.

Ramona makes use of vibrant colours and employs various methods including texture to show light and movement to draw the viewer into an experience. Her paintings are an attempt to convey a moment of transcendence - that experience we all have when something touches us deeply and time stops and compels us to become fully present to the moment - the glow of light on the landscape, the movement and the colours of the ocean waves, the flow of hair moving in the breeze.

Ramona Hoeft was born 1961 in Wr.Neustadt, a small town south of Vienna, Austria. Having a stressful and often lonely childhood she turned to drawing as an escape and soon discovered a deep connection to all things creative.

She currently resides and creates in Lake Country British Columbia.

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