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Artist Connie O'Connor

Endless Horizon

Endless Horizon

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"Endless Horizon"

by Artist Connie O'Connor

"Endless Horizon" is not just a painting; it's a philosophical inquiry rendered in colors and shapes. Inspired by the vast, unbounded landscapes of Manitoba, this piece reflects on the metaphor of the horizon as used by many philosophers to delineate the framework or background of our experiences. It poses introspective questions about perspective, prospect, scope, compass, limit, and boundary, inviting viewers to contemplate their own answers.

The artist's personal journey informs the core of this work. Raised in a land where the horizon stretches infinitely, the artist was imbued with the belief that life's possibilities are without limit, a lesson taught by parents who saw no bounds to potential achievements and experiences. "Endless Horizon" captures this ethos through an abstracted impression of landscape, water, and forest, embodying the belief in limitless potential and the power of the human spirit to transcend perceived boundaries.

Acrylic canvas painting.

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