Artist Partnership Program

Welcome to our online art marketing platform, where we help emerging artists get their work seen and sold. We understand that marketing your artwork can be a challenge, and we're here to provide the support and guidance you need to take your art business to the next level.

We are looking to form a highly curated group of artists.  We are a boutique artist marketing agency that will only be working with a small select group of artists. We don't want to dilute the marketing exposure of our partner artists.

Each artist will offer a very distinct style that is unique within our portfolio of artists.  We are looking for artists that put a lot of workmanship into their art.  We are looking for artists that can produce works that can be marketable as a canvas prints.


 Why join our artist partner program?

  1. It is free to join our program.
  2. Social Media Promotion.  We will promote you and your art on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms.
  3. Access to Marketing Assets.  We will create static posts, carousels, reels and videos you can share on your own social media channels and on your website.
  4. Collaboration with social media influencers.  We will work with social media influencers who have larger following to promote your artwork to a larger audience.
  5. Online Advertising.  We will be running ads with Google and Facebook/Instagram to promote the online gallery and the canvas print shop.
  6. Online Exhibitions.  We will host online exhibitions of your original works.  We will promote select works with art exchanges like Artsy.
  7. Email Marketing. We will promote your exhibits and works to our email subscribers in our periodic newsletters.
  8. Artist Interviews.  We will create a series of interviews that will provide insight into your artist's process and inspiration that we will share on the website and in social media channels.
  9. Sell Canvas Prints.  For select original works we will offer canvas prints on our online store.  We will look after consumer communications, printing and shipping direct to the art collector.  All you have to do is deposit the cheque we send you.
  10. More time to create.  With us promoting you and your artwork you can spend less time marketing and more time creating.

How do we cover our marketing costs?

We only get paid when we perform and make a sale on your behalf.

15% commission on original works.

We split the profits on canvas prints.

Our success is depended on your success.


Join Our Community of Artists

We believe in supporting emerging artists and helping them succeed. Join our community of artists and let us help you get your work seen and sold. Apply now and take the first step towards building a successful art career.