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Artist Carolynn Ashley

Enchanting Cherry Tree

Enchanting Cherry Tree

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"Enchanting" Cherry Tree

by Artist Carolynn Ashley

Acrylic on canvas original painting. 

Diptych - 30x15 in + 30x24 in / 76.2x38.1 cm + 76.2x61 cm.

"Enchanting" transports you to a captivating world where an old cherry tree stands as the guardian of cherished moments. This remarkable artwork paints a scene of ethereal beauty with soft pink cherry blossoms adorning the tree's twisting trunk. The rest of the painting is rendered in black and white, creating a striking contrast.

A weathered bench beckons, inviting you to sit and contemplate the stories this old tree could share if it could whisper them to you. Beyond, a small brook adds a gentle serenade to the tranquil setting.

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