Susan Holmes

The Language of Watercolours: Fluid Expressions of Serene Landscapes and Delicate Florals.

 "Before you start, set a vision for the completion." – Susan Holmes

Painting is like keeping a diary in a visual form. For Vancouver artist, Susan Holmes, her thoughts and feelings are embedded into each piece of work. Her style is characterized by her love of flowers, vegetation, and architecture which are recurring themes in many of her paintings. She is known for depicting gentle, soft, serene, and lonely settings in her subjects.

Susan studied art at Emily Carr University and has been a successful freelance graphic designer. Adding to her design, she received several commissioned painting projects. One of her paintings, “Soundscape of a Bamboo Forest” was bought and displayed at the UBC President’s residence (Norman MacKenzie House). Many of her other paintings are now in private collections in the States and Canada. 

Her preferred medium is watercolour due to experimenting with its fluidity. Susan loves the challenge of taking the reins of a brush on a wet surface, then amalgamating layers of emotions (both translucent and opaque).

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