Ideet Sharon

The Artistic Journey of Ideet Sharon: Bridging Tangible Realities and Geometric Abstractions

Vancouver's own Ideet Sharon is a distinguished artist whose journey started in a fine arts high school and led to her 1997 graduation from the Vancouver Film School. Her career blossomed in computer graphics and animation for film and TV, but in 2015, Ideet returned to her roots in painting, embracing the tactile richness of canvas in her East Vancouver studio.

Ideet's art, celebrated annually at the Eastside Culture Crawl, reflects her fascination with the micro-world's beauty and the interconnectedness of all things. Through diverse mediums, she explores the organic geometric forms that occupy our spaces and thoughts.

Her work delves into the language of geometric abstraction, portraying the world as a mosaic of interlinked fragments. These pieces, each finding their balance, contribute to a collective harmony, echoing the complexities of perception and unity.

Inspired by a childhood dream of architecture, Ideet's creations are a playground of simple geometries, merging the concrete with the conceptual. Her art is not just a visual experience but an invitation to explore the dynamic relationships that shape our world. Ideet Sharon's pieces are a testament to the beauty of geometric harmony and the intricate dance of life.

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