David Laird

A Kaleidoscope of Creativity: Abstract Artistry Celebrating Color and Pattern.

David has been interested in painting and creating art from the time he started walking.  His work is all about colour and pattern and is mostly abstract with glimpses occasionally of cartoon characters and objects. David's subject matter is usually totally random with his main aim to create a work that sparkles and pleases the eye.  His main medium is acrylic paint and where possible he used recycled canvases and materials.

David was born in Ireland and excelled at art in school but was pretty hopeless at anything academic.  At the age of 13 he had a serious concussion in a game of rugby that left him unconscious for several hours.  When he recovered he suddenly started understanding math and other academic subjects.  David moved to Vancouver and  developed a successful career in engineering. His desire to paint returned and he quit engineering and attended Emily Carr College of Art and Design.   David got married had kids and in order to make a living, returned to engineering. 

David has now fully retired and dedicated himself to being a fully engaged artists.  

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