Colette Tan

Spiritual Connections: Ethereal Impressions of Mystical Landscapes through Abstract Art

Colette Tan’s impressions of landscapes are inspired both spiritually, and by musings on nature during her frequent road trips and hikes in British Columbia and Alberta. 

Her paintings reflect a spontaneous expression of different forms and styles, some with layers, contrasting fine lines with broad brushstrokes, while others are with thick and fluid paint, reflecting both harsh depictions of human struggles and an indescribable beauty. 

Tan’s paintings have an ethereal quality that transports the viewer to a world of mystery and deeper dimensions that transcend matter. Her deft use of subtle tones and an intentional choice of limited colour palette contribute to the creation of visually captivating works of art that appeal to the soul.

Born and raised in Singapore, she came to Vancouver with her family in 2016. Tan had received her former art training from a group of teachers from the United Kingdom in her teens but did not pursue art but chose a different career instead. A former banker, business owner and a cancer survivor, she finally returned to her calling as an artist in late 2020.

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