Carlston Hamblin

Philosophy: "Art is the expressed soul of a people."


Carlston Hamblin, renowned for his watercolor and acrylic work, vividly captures Barbadian life. His art, showcasing everything from lively markets to tranquil scenes, embodies Barbados' warmth and beauty.

Carlston's art has been showcased in major galleries across Barbados, earning international acclaim and resonating with audiences globally. He has been a prominent feature in cultural celebrations such as the Holetown and Oistins Festivals and has collaborated with leading artists in both solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad.

His paintings are cherished components of both public and private collections, enchanting viewers with their evocative portrayals of Barbadian culture. From depictions of sugar cane harvests to fishing boats, his works celebrate the island's rich heritage and natural beauty.

Carlston Hamblin's artwork celebrates Barbadian culture with authenticity and depth, inviting viewers to explore the island's beauty through his vibrant compositions. His commitment to depicting the spirit and essence of his homeland continues to captivate and inspire audiences around the world.

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